Friday, September 29, 2017

GIF response

Everyone who has an electronic device has seen or made a Gif this makes gif extremely sociable, all ages can relate and find pleasure in watching gifs. They can start conversation between many parties and can be viewed in many formats. Gifs are also a great way to express feeling through pieces since the subject matter is moving. Gifs are welcomed to anyone who wants to create an image that will express an emotion or thought through moving subjects. Because gifs are democratic because anything can be a gif, and anyone can make one. This to me makes gifs an amazing form of digital art that creates an endless way to make original ideas.  The low-tech methods of gifs make me feel that it’s an art that really is open to anyone. The simple fact that gifs look and are low-tech form of medium it helps relieve pressure of ascetics. However, focus more on the mechanics the subjects will move and how long they will continue to move.     

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