Tuesday, August 29, 2017

writing response 1

The new media age has changed the way  artist can do art allowing them to create amazing works that look impossible to create in a other medium.  When most people think about new media computers usually come to mind. Although cameras are considered new media and was some of the first forms of the new media. A lot of new media type of works are inclusive to the programs and other techniques that new media artist use. Programs like Photoshop allow new media artist to create amazing pieces using imported images and distorting them. They also can crop and edit multiple photos and combine them or paint and add photos to increase realism. These techniques help create surrealistic images that truly are inclusive to new media artist.
 Photography is another new media art that can’t really be captured by traditional mediums. Photographers can truly capture the moment and time of the subject they’ve chosen. While traditional medium artist can create photorealistic renderings of a photo, but it still isn’t the same moment as the photo. They are also able to add filters to their photos to help bring out emotions or enhance specific areas of the photo. Although, these techniques are basically inclusive to new media artist traditional media artist use them to help create stunning references to use for their works. Therefore, the majority of new media art techniques are also exclusive to new media artist.
The high majority of new media artist have previous experience in other mediums like painting and drawing. So, when, for example a digital artist wants to paint a picture they’ll relay on the traditional media art techniques.  Many concept artists will paint a picture just like a traditional media artist would with the exception to exclusive abilities like undo and photo editing to adjust proportions.  While most new media artist usually stick to their devices since its easy to get spoiled when your used to not buying supplies. But to a traditional media artist uses new media to easily create what they have in their mind in the most realistic way possible. Since new media is exclusive and inclusive it allows artist of all kinds to interact, and what relates new media to traditional media.

3D printing is a great new media tool that connects the virtual world and the physical world. Being able to create an object in three dimensions and directly render it into a physical object is absolutely new world. New media artist can create a 3D model and render it into their paintings. While traditional media artist could use 3D printing in a more inclusive way to new media. They could make a model and print it out, and use the model as a reference for their works. New media is a diverse art with many techniques and types from photography to 3D printing. While some things remain inclusive to the new media genre. It also can be exclusive allowing traditional media artist to help create references or create their idea in the most realistic way in order to makes their works realistic. New media since introduced has changed the way art is done and will continue to change, for both the new and traditional media artist.             https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3ewnzj0ybSIRldCTXJYMm93aW8            

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